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No-Fault Provider Claims

Medical providers are imperative following an automobile accident. They are the ones we turn to for treatment and care so that we are can recover from our injuries as quickly as possible. Under Michigan’s no-fault system, your auto insurance company is responsible for your medical treatment and bills following an auto accident, rather than the at-fault driver’s insurance company, your health insurance or Medicare. The current no-fault system is broken, and medical providers often provide necessary medical care to patients yet receive no compensation when auto insurance companies refuse to pay. To ensure that those injured continue to receive the care these doctors provide, Biggs & Gunst P.C. Attorneys At Law will fight for the rights of those medical providers offering valuable services to our community.

The legal rights of Michigan medical providers under the no-fault system are quickly changing, making it increasingly difficult for providers to collect unpaid medical bills from auto insurance companies. Michigan courts once recognized the independent rights of medical providers to recover their bills from the appropriate insurer for services they have rendered to a patient who was in an automobile accident. However, the Michigan Supreme Court’s decision in Covenant Medical Center, Inc., v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company has curtailed the rights of providers and added another barrier that medical providers must overcome when auto insurance companies refuse to pay for necessary medical treatment.

The attorneys at Biggs & Gunst P.C. Attorneys At Law have successfully handled hundreds of provider cases and collected millions in unpaid medical bills for our clients from auto insurance companies. The no-fault system is a quickly evolving area of law in Michigan and one which requires experienced representation. Our attorneys know the important service that medical professionals provide after people are injured in an automobile accident. Contact us today to discuss your rights; we can help you recover outstanding medical bills as well as set up the tools necessary to successfully collect from auto insurance companies in the future. Call our Ann Arbor office at 734-720-4445 or send us an email to get started.