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Alternative Dispute Resolution And Mediation

Nationwide, less than 5% of all legal disputes go to trial, and juries often offer results that do not adequately fit the needs of parties. Biggs & Gunst P.C. Attorneys At Law recognizes that a cooperative approach to resolving a dispute in many situations offers the chance for all sides to achieve their goals. Mediation is only successful when the parties involved are willing to participate in the process in good faith and want to resolve their differences amicably. Our experienced mediators bring a neutral and effective voice to help resolve tough situations and find a solution that is agreeable to all those involved.

Mediation can be much more effective in resolving many different types of disputes. Such issues can include family issues and divorce, business disagreements, small claims disputes, and complex multiparty litigation. The chance to sit down in a nonadversarial setting can often be more productive, more cost-effective and faster than litigation.

For more information on the mediation process and our approach to resolving simple and complex legal matters, contact us online or call our Ann Arbor office at 734-720-4445 today to schedule a mediation with one of our experienced mediators.