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Bicycle Crashes

One moment you were riding along on your bicycle, the next moment you are on the ground in pain covered in cuts and bruises. The unthinkable happened: You were hit by a car. According to Michigan State Police statistics, in 2016 there were over 1,959 bicycle related accidents resulting in 1,563 individuals injured and 38 fatalities, these numbers are up from 2015. In February 2017, Bicycling Magazine asked readers to take a survey about their experiences while riding on the road, over 5,300 cyclist responded. Of those who have responded, over 3,250 people know at least one cyclist who has been hit by a driver.

A collision between bicycle and a car is not an accident; it is a crash. A bicycle crash can be physically and emotionally devastating. As fellow cyclists, the lawyers of Biggs & Gunst P.C. Attorneys At Law have witnessed firsthand how devastating bicycle crashes can be. If you are involved in a bicycle crash, we will work hard to get you the medical treatment you deserve, recover for any expenses and suffering you have endured, and get you back to riding as soon as possible.

Cycling injuries are not limited to crashes. Often, cyclists are harassed while riding their bicycles. These types of harassments include being chased by dogs, receiving threats and having some sort of physical contact from motorists such as having items intentionally thrown at them. Unfortunately events like these are occurring more frequently and can be discouraging if you are a cyclist. If you are the harassed while riding your bicycle, call Biggs & Gunst P.C. Attorneys At Law today. You have rights, and we will fight for you.

Traffic Citations

As a cyclist in Michigan, you have an absolute right to use public roads. Unlike most states, a bicycle is not considered a vehicle under the Michigan Vehicle Code, and cyclists must follow certain laws contained within the Vehicle Code to ensure that reasonable caution and safe riding practices are followed. A violation of the Vehicle Code is a civil infraction which will usually result in a fine. Michigan cycling laws are unique and law enforcement officers may be unfamiliar with the specific language of the Vehicle Code and could issue a citation to cyclists believing that a violation has occurred.

The attorneys of Biggs & Gunst P.C. Attorneys At Law are familiar with the Michigan Vehicle Code as it relates to cyclist and are devoted to fighting for you. If you believe you unjustly received a traffic ticket while riding your bicycle, call today to meet with one of our attorneys to discuss your rights. If you have been issued a violation while riding your bike, we may represent you at no charge to you in traffic court.