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Ann Arbor Bicycle Accident Lawyers: Navigating The Road To Recovery

In one moment, you could be riding along on your bicycle. In the next moment, you could be on the ground in pain, covered in cuts and bruises. As fellow Ann Arbor cyclists, the lawyers of Biggs & Gunst P.C. Attorneys At Law have witnessed firsthand how devastating bicycle crashes can be.

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident, our bicycle accident attorneys will work hard to get you the medical treatment you deserve, recover for any expenses and suffering you have endured, and get you back to riding as soon as possible.

What Are Common Causes Of Michigan Bicycle Accidents?

Bicycle safety is a pressing issue in Ann Arbor, a city where cyclists and vehicles often share the road. We’re acutely aware of the local challenges riders face, and we’re committed to advocating for safer cycling conditions and rightful compensation for those affected by bicycle accidents. There are many reasons cyclists can get in a crash, including:

  • Vehicles pulling out in front of bicycles
  • Drivers failing to notice cyclists
  • Driver inattention and distractions
  • Drivers failing to adhere to traffic signs or traffic signals
  • Adverse weather conditions affecting visibility and control
  • A driver opens their car door into a bike lane and a cyclist can’t stop

Cycling injuries are not also limited to crashes with vehicles. Cyclists can be harassed while riding their bicycles. These types of harassments can include being chased by dogs, receiving threats or even having items intentionally thrown at them. Unfortunately, events like these are occurring more frequently and can be discouraging if you are a cyclist. If you have been harassed while riding your bicycle, know that you have rights, and we will fight to protect them.

Bicycle Lanes: When Bike Lanes Become Battle Lines

Riding in a bicycle lane should be a safe choice. But when a car encroaches on this space and causes an accident, the implications for your legal claim can be profound. What happens if a cyclist is hit in a bike lane?

The state of Michigan is a no-fault state when it comes to car accidents, which means that it typically doesn’t matter who is at fault for an accident. However, when a cyclist is injured by a negligent driver, they have the right to hold the driver accountable for their accident injuries. Our knowledgeable personal injury attorneys can explain how getting hurt in a bike lane might influence your case and how we can help protect your rights.

What Steps Should You Take After A Bike Accident?

In the wake of a bike accident, taking the right steps is crucial. Car-bicycle accidents usually cause serious injuries to the cyclist. These injuries can be catastrophic. A seriously injured cyclist should seek immediate medical attention. Even if an accident doesn’t seem to cause injuries right away, head traumas and soft tissue back injuries can take a few days to present themselves. Seeking medical attention if these injuries start to reveal themselves is advised.

If it is at all possible, a cyclist should also gather as much information as possible at the scene of the accident. Gathering witness names and information, as well as the driver’s contact and insurance information, is important. Photographs of the accident scene can also be helpful if you need to file an insurance claim or personal injury action. A seasoned bicycle accident lawyer can guide you through the process to ensure you’re positioned to receive the compensation necessary for your path forward.

Consult A Michigan Bicycle Accident Attorney For Free

Our personal injury lawyers at Biggs & Gunst P.C. Attorneys At Law offer free initial consultations. If you have been injured in a bike accident, contact us today by sending us an email or calling our office at 734-263-2320 to schedule your free appointment. We look forward to telling you more about how we can help you with your case.