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Merchant Mariner Credentials

          To a seaman their Merchant Mariner Credential or MMC is their livelihood, without it they cannot work.  Depending on the type of vessel most mariners on American ships must posses a valid MMC.  The denial or suspension and revocation of a MMC can severely impact a mariners’s ability to work.  As licensed US Merchant Marine officers the attorneys of Biggs & Gunst know just how important a seaman’s MMC is and we will work hard on your behalf to protect your license.  

Merchant Mariner Credential Application and Appeal Consultations

          The United States Code of Federal Regulations 46 CFR Subchapter B, Part 10 are the regulations which apply to Merchant Mariner Credentials.  In general, when an applicant applies to the Coast Guard to receive their MMC they must pass a physical and drug test as well as provide their criminal record and driving history.  The purpose of the information gathered on a MMC application is to ensure that an applicant is competent to serve under the authority of their MMC; the applicant does not pose a threat to national security; and the applicant is a safe and suitable person.  

          Generally, the application process for a MMC while thorough should not be a concern to most people so long as they pass the physical, drug test, and have a clean criminal and driver’s history.  If you are an individual who may not have passed the Coast Guard physical requirements, have a history of drug use or a questionable criminal or driving history you still may qualify for a MMC.   

          If you are concerned about obtaining or renewing your MMC contact the maritime attorneys of Biggs & Gunst today.  Being licensed mariners, our attorneys are familiar with the process of obtaining your MMC and the various appeals processes, should your application or renewal be denied.   While we cannot guarantee that the Coast Guard will approve your MMC application or renewal, we can guarantee that we will work hard to present you in the best possible light to the Coast Guard and increase the chances that your MMC application or renewal will be approved.  

Merchant Mariner Credential Suspension & Revocations

          Merchant Mariner Credential Suspension & Revocation matters, commonly known as S&R proceedings, occur when the Coast Guard has decided to initiate an action to either suspend or revoke a mariner’s MMC.  There are several reasons that the Coast Guard may initiate S&R proceedings against a mariner.  These include criminal action, misconduct, or more commonly a failed drug test or a Driving Under the Influence conviction.

          While S&R proceedings are administrative in nature, their cost and impact on a mariner’s life can be just as devastating as criminal proceedings.  If you are served with a S&R Complaint it is important that you immediately hire a maritime attorney who is experienced with S&R proceedings.  Failure to answer the S&R Complaint in a timely fashion could result in a default decision and a waiver of your right to defend your license.  Hiring an experienced maritime attorney could mean the difference between a temporary suspension of your MMC or a full revocation of the credential.  

          The experienced maritime attorneys of Biggs & Gunst will be able to review the Coast Guard's evidence and negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.  If we fail to reach a fair settlement with the Coast Guard, our attorneys have experience representing mariner’s interests in S&R Hearings and will work hard to fight for your rights.

          If you have been served with a S&R Complaint contact the experienced maritime attorneys at Biggs & Gunst today.  We will work hard to protect you and your Merchant Mariner Credential.

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